Coconut Oil, 15oz

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Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera)

After cold pressing the coconut, the oil is put into a centrifuge at room temperature, which extracts all of the water. This differs from the normal water extraction practice of using heat, which degrades the coconut's nutritional properties. We package our coconut oil in 15 ounce amber glass jars to maintain integrity and efficacy.

In the past, coconut oil was found to raise blood cholesterol and cause heart disease. However, this analysis was done using a coconut oil that had been hydrogenated. Hydrogenation creates trans fatty acids, which are toxic entities that enter the cell membranes and block the utilization of fatty acid and impede cell functionality. Trans fatty acids also cause a rise in blood cholesterol. These substances are not present in coconut oil that has been processed with integrity.

Another reason people believed coconut oil was bad for you is due to a misguided association that all saturated fats are harmful. Our leading scientists now recognize that just as there is good cholesterol, there are good saturated fats. Coconut oil contains these good saturated fats. Nearly 2/3 of the saturated fat in coconut oil consists of medium-chain fatty acids. Short and medium chain fatty acids, such as those in coconut milk, are easily absorbed into our bodies. Most of the saturated fat in coconut oil is easily digestible and converted into quick energy. These types of fatty acids are less likely to cause obesity because they are immediately used as fuel by the body and have no opportunity to be stored.

When the body uses carbohydrates, insulin produced by the pancreas is required for glucose molecules to enter into the cell. Many people develop a resistance to insulin as they get older and it becomes increasingly more difficult for the body to get these molecules into the cells. Any extra glucose which does not get used by the body for energy is turned into triglycerides. You can have high triglycerides in your blood and not eat an ounce of fat. Even total vegetarians can have high triglycerides from eating a high carbohydrate diet.

Triglycerides and lipoproteins travel across the cell membrane to be used as energy in the same manner as glucose. They too require carrier enzymes in order to permeate both membranes of the cell's mitochondria where their energy is released. Since the longer chain fatty acids demand special enzymes to pull them through the double membrane, the energy production process is much slower and taxing on the enzyme reserves. Medium chain fatty acids are unique in that they can easily permeate both membranes of the mitochondria without the need for extra enzymes, thus providing the cell with a quick and efficient source of energy. This is great news!

Take up to 4 tablespoons daily for six days on and one day off.

Some other uses are as follows:

1) Use in a warm herbal tea.

2) Add in a smoothie. Use equal amounts of banana, fresh pineapple and strawberries. Add organic apple juice. Yum! 

3) Use instead of other oils for your food preparations. Lightly heat to liquify if solid.

4) Its sensual use as a massage oil is undeniable and wonderful for the skin and senses.

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