Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Why do we use alcohol?
Alcohol is the finest solvent in dissolving alkaloids and major medicinal constituents.

2.) How much alcohol is used?
Always over 50%, varying slightly depending on the herb. Anything less won’t get all of the major constituents into the liquid extract.

3.) We can’t use alcohol. What do we do?
Use our herbal capsules or put extract into 115 degree water; a finger will not burn at that temperature. This will not kill life force or eliminate all of the alcohol, but it will evaporate the ‘sting’ of most of the alcohol. Eating a banana will have the body create more alcohol than one full squeeze of extract. The body makes alcohol as a beautiful medium to get nourishment through tough membranes like blood/brain and viscera. Too much, of course, is not good for the body.

4.) How many extracts can I take together?
No more than 8 extracts together. Health Assist extracts count for 4 of these.

5.) Why do I have to skip taking herbal products one day a week?
The body needs a day to rest and recycle its energies. ‘The Day of Rest’, or doing nothing Physically, Mentally and Emotionally is very important in creating the needed energies for the next six days. Breathing, drinking water and resting the body in indirect light help greatly.

6.) What dosage should I take?
Take the dosage listed on the label of each extract. Please consult with your physician before taking any of our products.

7.) What is a the children’s dosage?
A child of 2 years or less starts with 2 drops 3 times a day, 6 days a week. Every added year adds2 more drops: 2 years gets 2 drops, 3 years gets 4 drops, 4 years gets 6 drops, until the full dosage on the label is reached. Ask your health practitioner for more info. 

8.) How can I give my pet/animal herbal medicine?
Yes! Open the capsules up and mix the contents in with their food. Horses that get liquid extracts should have the liquid sprayed down their throat with a syringe, or dry herb can be placed in their feed.

9.) Why is liquid extract better than capsules?
Liquid extracts absorb into the body much easier than solid capsules.

10.) Does Herbs Of Light grow its own herbs?
More than 95% of our herbs come from the wild, though we will use our gardens occasionally. All of our ingredients are certified Organic. 

11.) Do Himalayan Crystal Salts contain iodine?
These salts have such small amounts of iodine that it is almost negligible in its value. We have been looking for a truly organic iodine for a long time and now offer it in Brown Seaweed. This is the finest source we have ever found, from the South Pacific near Tasmania. There is at least 600 ppm of alimentary (organic ) iodine in our Brown Seaweed, which corresponds to 300 mcg per one capsule.

12.) How much is your shipping charge?
For orders under $125.00 it is $7.00. For orders of $125.00 or more the shipping is free.