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Moringa Powder
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Moringa oleifera, 90 capsules
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Himalayan Crystal Salts, 90 capsules
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Coconut Oil, 15oz
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Moringa oleifera, 800 capsules
Moringa oleifera, 800 capsules $ 118.00
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Brown Seaweed Capsules
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Graviola Extract, 1oz
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Colon Health Assist Capsules
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Welcome to Herbs of Light: Living Food Herbal Supplements

Dean Martens founded Herbs of Light in 1992 as a vehicle to assist people in regaining their health. At Herbs of Light we want to model how Mother Nature takes care of each and every one of us when we live by her laws and energies.  Living foods are key ingredients in our philosophy and lifestyle, which help maintain us so we may be of service.

Dean found through experience that "regaining lost health is simple; it's the discipline that's tough". In his quest for further knowledge, Dean traveled throughout the western hemisphere. His travels through Central, South, and North America, as well as the Bahamas, guided him in the direction of herbal medicines. His journey led to Michael Moore at the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine, where he received his certification as a Clinical Herbalist.

Dean discovered that with the assistance of herbal medicine, he could cut healing time by more than half. The herbal medicines, however, must have all of the chemistry, energy and the balance as when the plant was thriving in Mother Earth.  Dean knows that true medicine "does not hurt the patient". It assists in truly bringing health back and pre-dates recorded history. Hippocrates knew this well. Please read the first statement of the Hippocratic Oath!