Herbs of Light's Mission

Herbs of Light uses Love and Compassion in sharing Mother Nature’s Laws of Health to produce “Living Food”; GMO free, organic herbal tinctures. We believe these to be as good as humans can possibly accomplish. 

We wish to share the Natural laws of Nature with our clients. It is very important to understand that “People Are the Magic Bullet” … not the products, although Mother Nature also supplies great ingredients for our tinctures. We integrate these beautifully with lifestyle change to provide the flow and balance of what health truly is. The tinctures assist greatly with emotional, mental and physical balance, which all help in getting true health back.

Because of our philosophy and process, Herbs of Light was honored bu becoming the manufacturer of Edgar Cayce’s liquid herbal extract line, headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA. This was a wonderful and humbling occurrence for us.

An understanding of the processes within our lab are shared in the drop down menu. Any commentaries or questions you might have are greatly appreciated. Our passions for learning and maintaining new perceptions of progression are essential, thus we seek feedback to reflect upon.