Herbs of Light’s Herbal Process

The Herbs: Herbs of Light uses the finest herbs possible for our "Living Food" products. Our priority is to use nothing but the best certified Organic herbs in our products.

Organic, GMO-Free cane sugar alcohol
is the major solvent used in macerating our herbs. We stopped using standard ethyl alcohol because it contains genetically modified corn. 'Cold Process Maceration' then unites the newly ground organic herb and GMO-free alcohol. This maceration is then shaken morning and evening to create better solvent movement though the botanical cellular membranes. This process brings out all of the alkaloids and constituents for a full medicinal strength extract.

Organic Herbal Capsules:
Our capsules are the first in the world to utilize only organic herbs across our entire capsule line. The organic herbs are ground the same day they are encapsulated. There is also no filler of any type within our capsules. This stops any filler toxicity and gives a true milligram weight of how much organic herb is actually within the capsule. ‘V’ Caps from Capsugel are always used. They close tightly so there is no leakage. All of our herbal products at Herbs of Light come in amber glass bottles that are double sealed for their protection.