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Electron 5 Living Water Machine

The Best Water You Could Ever Have!

* Destroys Pathogens

* Revitalizes the Blood

* Energizes the Body

The water we use for our Liquid Herbal Extracts is quite amazing for it adds to the efficacy of Herbs of Light’s herbal medicine significantly. The water equipment is called an Electron 5 Living Water Machine and is the latest and most capable, from John Ellis, of providing real, living water which assists in healing the body.

Solubility Tested: "The ability of water or blood going through a membrane is now being measured by ‘UCLA’. After their testing of the John Ellis machines, they bought an Electron 4 after reading the analysis they had just performed. It’s great when we find something that really works!

A high degree of understanding from the laws of nature, as taught by Viktor Schauberger, has assisted John Ellis in producing these magnificent machines.

Within this machine, the water cycles back and forth within a vortexing movement very rapidly as it goes between hot & cold electron rich water. It was discovered that by constantly heating and cooling vortexing water more than 100 times per gallon, we can permanently MAINTAIN a higher hydrogen bond angle which increases SOLUBILITY that lasts forever. This produces phenomenal results! This has also been confirmed and taught by Rudolf Steiner in his understanding of Biodynamics.

Dr. Otto Warburg, who was the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin (now the Max Planck Institute), received the Nobel Prize in 1923 for his discovery that the root cause of all cancer was acidosis and the absence of oxygen. "Cancer cells cannot survive in high oxygen blood!" When we Increase the SOLUBLITY of the water we are drinking, our blood, which is 94% water, can hold more oxygen coming from our lungs.


The Electron 4 & 5 machines eliminate all disease markers and their memory within the water which no other water machine has ever accomplished. This includes viruses which are extremely hard to get rid of. This is a major problem within our world for these disease markers, from pathogens to pharma-ceuticals, are now part of our water supply. Knowing that we are drinking light, energized, soluble, clean and pure water is an extremely nice feeling. It even feels lighter or easier in going down.

Electron 5 Water Machine