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    Please Note:
    Products which were available in multiple sizes
    will now be available in
    1oz size only.

    We will give the same
    discount for multiples of 1oz as we did previously
    when a 4oz bottle (for
    example) was purchased.

    Capsules are now available
    in only 90 cap size
    with the exception of
    Moringa, Brown Seaweed,
    and Himalayan Crystal Salt.

    Multiple bottles will also
    receive a discount
    as the liquids do.

Welcome to Herbs of Light!

Herbs of Light uses Love and Compassion in producing “Living Food”, GMO Free, herbal extracts & blends. This is as good as humans can possibly accomplish. Our domestic extracts are "Wild Crafted", "Bio-dynamically grown" (Rudolf Steiner), or Organic.

When wild crafted botanicals are not available, our priority is then to use Bio-dynamically grown plants and then Organic. We Wild Craft the herbal plants in the pristine, unpolluted forests, where the plants, themselves, decide to grow. This allows the constituents and properties within the plant to evolve to the highest energy levels possible. /

When the herb is harvested from its body, Mother Earth, It starts losing its Life Force. This is similar to having an arm taken off of our body. It also, starts losing its life force. Our mission was to put the energy back into the chemical properties of the herbal extracts. This is done by using the “Living Water” from the Equipment derived from the philosophy of Victor Shauberger.

Its energy balance is also maintained so that its "Signature" and "Efficacy" can truly work. We had to stop using ethyl alcohol that is created from genetically altered corn. We use GMO Free cane spirits, with no corn allergens, for this quest. A cold process maceration is then used immediately after the grinding of the correct herbal parts. Because of our philosophy and process, Herbs of Light was honored as the supplier of herbal extracts for Edgar Cayce's herbal extract line in Virginia Beach, VA.